October...Gifts from His heart!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I love, love, love my daily listing of the gifts God has blessed me with.  In truth we deserve nothing, not one thing, yet God has given us so very much!!!

My list for October:

1.  A warm cabin as the rain comes down (& the wisdom to cancel our camping plans).

2.  Fun lunch with much missed friends.

3.  Long weekends, the chance to spend more time with Daddy & Nanny & Grandpa as an added bonus!

4.  The internet!!!! Finally, finally it's working again!

5.  Tomato seedlings freshly planted ~ I have so very many ~ I think I'm addicted ( can you be addicted to tomato plants?)

7.  Sleeping in ~ holidays from the schooling schedule.

8.  The blending of older, mature voices in praise & their delight over our children attending their concert  ~ the only ones under 30 in attendance ( & yes, they loved every minute of it!!)!

9.  A wonderful husband ~ such a gifted preacher ~ a soft heart.

10.  Back to school ~ into the comforts of our routine again!

11.  A shorter day of schoolwork ~ diligent children working quickly.

12.  Spring !!!

13.  The joy of giving thanks

14.  The beautiful, big, brown eyes of an affectionate jersey cow

15.  Computer programs that make doing farm book work so easy

16.  Joy ~ because it's a choice every single day!

17.  Health~ may I never take it for granted.

18.  Food ~ such a blessing to have more than enough.

19.  A son who at nine still wants to hug his Mum each & every day.

20.  This past year ~ so very much that I've learnt & grown.

21.  Fun, tiring art projects with precious children.

22.  Sweet, fresh strawberries ~ the sweetest I've ever tasted.

23.  Warm days, bringing on thoughts of summer fun!

24.  Exhaustion ~ the sign that I've overdone it ....again  & the knowledge of what to do about it!

25.  Sweet, practical advice for schooling from an older, more experienced Mother ~ so thankful.

26.  Friends

27.  Strength past the tiredness

28.  The end of 8 long years of hard work !!!!!!!!  Praise God !!!!!!!!!!!!

29.  Our family ~ a trip to the city together ~ lunch out ~ fun.

30.  Strong, sound Bible teaching

31.  Direction ~ maybe not what we want, but what we need!

Thank you God for the many, many blessings you have given each of us every single day.  May we not take them for granted, but see these gifts you have given us with new awareness!  Amen

Have a wonderful week dear friends

Joining with Ann & the many others counting their blessings:


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Fantastic list Renata and that Jersey cow is adorable. Why are they so much prettier than any other breed? I've just had a lovely afternoon tea with a friend, a Pastor's wife who homeschooled her teens through highschool - they are older now and two of her daughters are married. She is loaning one of my car seats for her grandson. Great to be able to bless others with all the twin stuff - the duplicates of everything so you always have spares to loan! She hasn't been to my house before so we toured the house and gardens and had afternoon tea in teacups accompanied by cinnamon buns. So lovely to have fellowship with someone who really understands and appreciates why we homeschool! I have such a busy few weeks ahead. Operation for my daughter's pins to come out of her arm on Thursday which just happens to be my birthday (much patience required on my part!) And Courageous is coming to a town near me and it is all my fault because I signed our church up for it, enthusiastically told everyone I know about it and prayed like crazy that one of the local cinemas would be willing to show it. I am so excited! I will be promoting and selling tickets for it over the next few weeks. I am just ecstatic that my church is getting behind this and cannot wait to see what God is going to do!

Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing your blessings! "Count you blessings, name them one by one........"
I've just been called the most unhelpful mother one of my daughter's has ever had!!!! (I told her to make something with the blueberries instead of my making something!)
Did try and call you today, but it went straight to the message - I did leave one! Had a wonderful trip to Sydney - came home exhausted - walked from Bondi to Coogee - and did lots of touristy things (Ticket for public transport - $20 for the day - included Manly Ferry, Catamaran trip to Parramatta, buses to Bondi & back from Coogee) - a great time! Walked over the bridge and climbed up the pylons (but not the bridge climb) - the views were amazing and only cost $11.
Love you all. Send the darlings a card each. Tried not to repeat news on each one!
Lots and lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Smilie girl said...


Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

So many heartfelt blessings! The listing of them really does help you acknowledge just how wonderful our Lord is to us, doesn't it?!

Renata said...

Ann ~ yes Bessy is beautiful ~ although a bit naughty right at the moment, but that's meant to change once they get pregnancy hormones which hopefully will be in the next month! I will be praying for your daughter & the surgical team on Thursday ~ adding that to my prayer list now. I hope you have a very Happy, Happy Birthday too!!! I can't wait to see Courageous & I hope your cinema showing is a huge success!

Mum ~ I'm glad you're back ~ will call you

Sandy ~ Hi :)

Rachel ~ I love listing my blessings ~ it wasn't an accident that I read the book at the start of the year ~ as you know it's been a difficult one, but I've found counting my blessings such an encouragement!

Jenn said...

Renata, so beautiful!!! I love Jerseys..they are my favorite breed. Those eyes....! Such beautiful blessings and beautiful photos, too.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh that first photo is so sweet! Love the days to sleep in. A wonderful husband is such a gift. How sweet that your son hugs you everyday! Yay for fun art projects! #31... love that one! :)

Quinn said...

Oh you almost make me wish I had a Jersey! She is beautiful!!!

What a wonderful list :)

Frizzy said...

Love it all Renata! I wish you and yours continued blessings! And no one cannot have too many tomatoe plants! LOL

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