Those little fleeting moments...Day One

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last night Dave prayed that we would make the most of these fleeting moments & that got me thinking.  Too often I will rush through my day taking care of animal, house, schooling, children, family, etc without really noticing the details..

For the next week I will slow down & take more notice of the little things ~ the things I will ponder in my heart when my head is greyed with wisdom & the endless running little feet are just a memory....
Those little fleeting moments that tend to fall into the background.
The glimpses, the laughs, the hugs that are taken for granted each day.
Daily I will share with you just one of these...treasures to a mother & far off grandmothers, aunties that love & friends that care....may it inspire you to look for them as well...

The laughter of two six year olds who are best friends, closer than two brothers, so much alike, yet so very different....they love each other, argue with each other, can't live without each other, are an unmoving force together against any perceived transgression of an older sibling.  To describe this relationship is impossible ~ a part of each other, yet two separate individuals.  May I always remember their beautiful grey/brown eyes that fill with mirth as identical laughter bubbles out from within.  Exactly the same sense of humour makes everything double the fun!!!

May you have a very blessed day noticing these fleeting moments...

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