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Friday, June 28, 2013

The air is chilly, the temperature is steadily dropping as the sun slowly begins to sink behind the tall trees of Churchill forest. Bundled up under layers of coats I feel revitalised by the coolness against my warm cheeks.  The shadows meander their way across the valley & the sky, dressed in her sunset colours is hidden behind thick clouds.  As I went to put the pigs to bed for the night I decided to take a quick walk down to the sheep in the clean, fresh air! 
Sunnyside in the winter is beautiful!  Slowly the green is emerging and growing.  The peaceful, soaking rain falls regularly giving life to all it touches.  The garden is easier to manage without the rigid watering routine required during the scorching summer months.  It seems every time you walk outside something has grown a little taller & a little stronger!  No longer is the world working against itself as the summer months seemed to hold.  Instead everything is settled in it's place in a mesmerizing rhythm of life- giving freshness.  

The ewes are finally able to graze on greenery, gaining strength for the quickly- coming lambing season.  Their swollen abdomens symbolic of the new life inside.  Symbolic of the new start given us this winter after a pressing drought over the previous 12 months.  

I meander along the dam bank ~ lost in thought & thankfulness.  Last summer was difficult. I hated seeing the animals so desperate for food. I hated seeing the pasturless ground so torn & empty. I truly wondered if I would last here so far from those we love, with everything we had strived so hard to achieve desolate.

   But once again God is faithful.  The rain came, the temperatures lifted & everything seems a little easier.
I am so very thankful for the blessings this season has held!

The dams, once filled to over flowing were almost empty.  No longer would the pump bring water up to the garden, instead it was left with just enough to feed the sheep & the hope of filling again come rain. But once again the Lord has provided rain & steadily the dams are filling again.  Two years ago we were watching them cascade onto the paddock beneath, yet still even during those driest days we had enough water for the stock, to keep the farm going.  Of that we are so very thankful!

Then I see it & instictly I turn towards home.  The single light traversing along the road means that our favourite time of day is here: Daddy is almost home!!!
(Can you see him??)

 As I watch the bobbing brightened speck turn into the driveway I quicken my steps.  I won't beat him to the house, but I won't be far away to welcome him  home.
(Can you see him??)

 Bessy just won't let me go without a quick hello in her direction.  She runs to greet me, but stops a metre from the fence distracted by some tasty treat.  Her ever present followers are not far behind!  This cow has survived through a difficult summer and raised her calf to equal her in size.  It is time to wean, yet I am still delaying this....for what reason I'm not sure except that I hate hearing the crying of the calf & Mummy as they search for each other.  I need to put on my tough country-girl boots & just get on & do it!!

And so I return home.  Another day is gone & this same routine will be repeated tomorrow.  Maybe I won't be quite so lingering in my steps as I do the animals.  There are days when I must run to complete these jobs!

 Sometimes living on the farm isn't wonderful, it isn't like a storybook or that fairytale image I held in my head, but then there are these moments when the world seems so peaceful, so perfect, so right & those cares are forgotten.  I am so thankful for this life difficulties & all.  

What a blessing it all is!!
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