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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

With much anticipation we waited & waited during the past few weeks as Delores' abdomen swelled larger & larger in anticipation of her second litter of piglets.  Her udder seemed to fill a whole lot quicker this time & so we were rather early in our isolation of her.  We even got up during the dark, freezing, rainy, winter night to move her in fear that little piglets would be born onto the freezing, muddy earth.  Yet still she crossed her legs & smiled at us as she consumed additional rations ( I'm sure she was laughing at our anticipation as she enjoyed a greater number of visits throughout the day).  Finally last week she decided it was time.  Maybe she couldn't cross her legs any more or maybe she realised that cute little piglets would mean even more attention???  

We were surprised to find that she dropped  just 6 piglets.  We'd actually been sure that there would be more due to the rather large increase in her girth & since her first litter numbered 8 in total (4 surviving) we had assumed this second one would be larger.  In total 4 have survived with one being crushed (which is normal) & the other being rejected by her ( we tried to save it, but it was just too little too late for that one).   We shouldn't really have been so surprised.  This summer was particularly harsh & we had to lock up the pigs because the sheep needed anything that was left on the ground ( one day I might write a post about what it was like ~ let's just say I am dreading another summer like that one).  The pigs are only just now being allowed to free range in their 15 acres again as the Lord has once again blessed us with rain & pasture.

 This batch of piglets are all pink which made us wonder if Boris really was the sire of the first lot (remember how Delores had escaped around the time she went on heat).  This lot look so much like him that there is no doubt they have some Large White breed in them.  

 We are so thankful for this next batch of cute little piglets.  They are just adorable & are running all around the farrowing area.  As soon as their older brothers & sister are butchered ( hopefully soon...) they will be given more area, but in the meantime they are happy & healthy.

Zai  made this video to share with a dear friend who is unwell & couldn't come & see his new 'babies' in person.  He is more than happy for me to share it with the world though :)
He mentions in it that they are all girls ~ we aren't sure about this one.  He said that because previously the boys were all spotted & girls all pink.  I'm not sure that has carried through to this litter.   He & Jud tried to do a visual, but it was from a distance because Delores isn't letting anyone get too close to her babies just yet (although we are gearing up for 2 week old castrating....our first attempt at it on pigs)!
Enjoy ...

Have a wonderful day friends!

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