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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wouldn't it be wonderful to make 2014 a year of looking for the beauty in everything.  It is with this intention that I rejoin the Beauty Captured ladies during the week as we endeavour to find beauty in the ordinary! 

~ Monday 30th ~ 
Sunnyside in summer.  This one has been rough!  However the wide, open spaces & endless skies still fill me with a sense of peace!

~ Tuesday 31st ~ 
A quickly planned trip down to Albury allowed us the opportunity to travel a little further & escape into the beauty of BeechWorth.  This jail was opened in the 1800's & closed in 2004. The beauty of the stone work masquerades this place of horror.  Only the razor wire above allows it to be identified of it's actual purpose.

~Wednesday 1st ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR~ 
A little tired, but excited about being blessed with a New Year,  I gave into the children's longings & made a frozen strawberry yoghurt icecream! This recipe is delicious & since I adapted it from it's original I'm going to share it in the near future because trust me, it's one you WANT to have!

~ Thursday 2nd ~ 
A surprise bouquet from my wonderful hubby!   The perfume of the lilies linger in the air & fill the whole room with it's beautiful scent!

~ Friday 3rd ~
A blistering hot summers day sends us all seeking coolness!  Moonlight decided on top of the deep freeze was the ideal place to spend taking an extra long nap! Not really beautiful, but certainly smart!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

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