2 hands for Ellie

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A little over 10 years ago a sweet baby girl came into the world.
This little girl was our Ellie & recently we celebrated with her the milestone of 10 years since her birth!

Ellie (& brothers) were so excited &  woke us up in the early hours of the morning.  Night still lay thick in the air so we got to watch the sun slowly rise across the valley in the eastern sky...
...except that really wasn't why Ellie had us up so early. 

She was excited about her celebration & our tradition is that each birthday begins with a birthday 'hunt' in which I write clues & the birthday child ( with the assistance of their excited siblings) finds the gifts & then opens then before reading the next clue.

Because we live so far away from family, the birthday hunt includes gifts from them that have been delivered & secreted away in my special 'hiding spots' only to appear after the birthday child has gone to bed on the eve of their special day!

 Ellie received a ring from her grandparents in celebration of this important milestone!  Yes, she got it stuck as she tried it on the wrong finger (she is my daughter after all), but thankfully some dish soap & a bit of tugging by Dad got it off (this is her first experience with a real ring)!  It fit perfectly the finger it was meant for though!

We gave her a camera.  I received a camera for my 10th birthday & treasured it.  Ellie has taken very good care of her camera.  I will admit that I have never had so many photos taken of me though.  I tend to prefer to be the one behind the camera, not in front, but at the moment it feels like I have  paparazzi following... 'Mum, look here...'  

Ellie & I went into town & snuck in a special 'girls only' morning tea together since Dave had the day off work!  It was so much fun & the ladies at the cafe we went to made a fuss over the birthday girl!  Dave also built her 'new' (to her, but one of my favourite op shop finds) bed.  I will show photos soon as it really is the perfect girls bed & I know some of her aunties will LOVE it (as does her mother!)!

The cake....Oh I'd rather not talk about it really.... It just didn't work & I didn't have enough time & it completely flopped.  Thankfully Miss Ellie pronounced it 'perfect' & ' her favourite cake she's ever had'.  I'm glad she is so thankful with whatever I do even when it goes so wrongly ( & let's face it, it all tastes the same).  I have friends who are amazing cake decorators.  I am not ~ enough said!

We celebrated with an evening meal of her favourites ~ lasange, potato bake & salad.  We had friends come over who we love & are our adopted family here since we live so far away from our actual families!  They are good enough to come to all our birthday celebrations!

Ellie is such a beautiful person inside & out with such a heard for the hurting & lonely!  I couldn't be prouder of my girl as she reaches out to everyone around her & brings cheer into their lives! 

Happy Birthday Precious Girl!!


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