The last of the summer fruits...

Monday, April 28, 2014

A few weeks ago we went on a trip to Griffith purely to get true Italian pizza & a few supplies from Bunnings there.  Griffith has a large Italian population & a huge variety of really good pizzerias as well as a much larger selection of shops than is available close to home.   While we were travelling along I noticed a handpainted roadside sign advertising homegrown tomatoes for sale.  I have been in desperate need of more tomatoes as we are already running low on our tomato & chilli chutney and the homemade tomato sauce is going much faster than the store brought one does!

The sign led us to the home of an old Italian man who very courteously assisted me in buying all the tomatoes he had on sale & choosing the very best of his rock melons to take home!

I thought I might need these pictures when winter hits us hard & furiously!  There is just something about summer fruits that make me smile!

I also made semi dried tomatoes with some of the tomatoes.  These are so easy & last a good long while!  
I used our homegrown garlic & herbs!


Slice tomatoes in half and place cut side up on baking tray.

Mix garlic, salt, pepper, a sprinkle of sugar & a selection of finely chopped herbs & mix into olive oil.

Sprinkle oil mix on top of chopped tomatoes.

Cook in slow oven ( 130 degrees C) for approximately 2 hours ~ until the tomatoes are soft.

Place in airtight bottle & cover in olive oil to store.

After I had written this post (weeks ago) I realised that I have already posted my semi-dried tomato recipe on the blog. 

I have a million posts rattling around my head.  We've been blessed with a full & overflowing house over these autumn holidays. Computer issues & intermittent internet outages have also made things a little quieter than normal here on the blog. It's taking a while to get everything back to normal, but I think the break has been good for me.  I have a lot of photos waiting though.....  

Have a happy day friends!

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