Day 21/31 - Adieu

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This morning he came running up to me as he heard me calling the cow.  The panic was strong in his eye and his very demeanour told me that something was dreadfully wrong.  I know in his perspective it certainly was.  He, the lone one now left of the poddy lambs from last year, had been preoccupied with his new friends (this year's poddys) and hadn't seen us cajole his sisters up to the shearing shed yesterday afternoon. He hadn't seen us lead them into the pen and lock the gate.  Later they were loaded into a truck and taken away to a new home.

This year it was particularly hard.  We have never been so attached to our poddy lambs before.  The 2013 group were especially  affectionate & incredibly fond of us.  They always stayed up near the house.  They never joined the flocks of sheep in surrounding paddocks ( in fact we couldn't keep them down there with them & so gave up)!

These were the lambs that allowed the boys to ride on their back, that walked with me to bring the cow up from the paddock for milking, that ran to me each morning to accompany me to the silo as I got Bessy's grain.  These were the ones that taught Bolt that sheep are bigger  & scarier than him & they can hurt him.  Their lack of fear made training this puppy a little bit easier.  I am fairly sure they actually don't know they are sheep!

And so this morning the walk was a little quieter, the farm a little emptier.  
At least we can rest assured that these magnificent lambs ( & they are indeed beauties) will be sold as breeders.  Soon they will be preoccupied with their own babies & not wonder about the strange farm woman who talked to them each morning, who patted them each day, who yelled at them when they got into her garden.... (OK I'm not sure how much thinking sheep actually do)!  :)

As for their wether brother... it won't be long until he's in the freezer...but I don't want to think about that right now.

Have a lovely day friends

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