Day 31/31 - A moment taken, a lifetime preserved

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's hard to believe that I've finally completed this challenge of blogging for 31 days straight.  There have been late nights when I've sat down trying to pull thoughts together into a coherent pattern to suffice my determination to not have this challenge half completed.  Sometimes the words didn't come & I relied on my ever-ready supply of photos to make up a post.  However, I have thoroughly loved blogging throughout this past month about the little things that make up our life here on this patch of soil we call home.  It is the very reason I blog, yet sometimes I get so overwhelmed with trying to make the perfect blog post that I forget to include those moments.   I want to remember when Zai moved into men's size clothing, when Eli's new budgie perched on his shoulder for the first time & that moment when I looked at Ellie & no longer saw the little girl, but instead saw the woman she will become.  These moments are fleeting, yet captured here.  A preserved memory.  This is the very reason Dave encourages my blogging.  It has taken this challenge to renew my enjoyment of blogging & remember why I continue to tap away at this keyboard, preserving our online journal.  Thank you for sharing this past 31 days with me.  It's been fun!!

Have a lovely day friends

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