- In Gratitude -

Friday, April 17, 2015

~For the first star of the evening just peeking out at me as I walk home!~
...and for those crazy chickens I was locking up safe from the foxes.
~ For the beauty of even those dead blossoms ~
...and for the pretty flowers they once were.
~For the endless birdsong that serenades us here on the farm~
~For this man, who stole my heart when I was 15 & hasn't given it back~
...and for each of these precious children who have been loaned to us - for a day or a lifetime - every moment is precious!

~For the beauty the filtered light after a rainstorm gives ~
...and for each drop of that life-giving rain!
~For beauty in the unexpected...a simple moth sitting on my oregano~
Too often I notice the ugly, the plain, the bad - what I would like to change.  Every single day I need to remind myself to look a little closer for the beauty that is always there! It seems this is an endless lesson I must learn!
Have a wonderful weekend friends
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