The elusive rainy day fun

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Last Sunday, as we were sitting in the wooden pews of our century-old country church, one of our farmer deacons reminded us to thank God for the rain that had come. Perfectly timed for the seeds to be placed into this ground.  Hope given to those who make their livelihood out of this dirt that we call home.
Autumn rains are heavily anticipated around here
 And even to this dry land of our own farm it had come, cascading down in amounts rarely seen. We delighted in it's coming, in the life-giving, hope-reviving, heavy rain.  

The children ignored the cooling temperatures which are inevitable with rain around here & enjoyed every second of this rare opportunity to run & splash & jump in puddles.
Gumboots were quickly discarded. Who wants them when you can feel the mud squish between your toes?

The pigs were ever so happy as the water gushed down our hill & filled up their wallow!  
Our big dam continued catching it, even after the rain had stopped falling and all was quiet in the old farmhouse up the slope.  Half-full it now stands & we are so thankful that we have a sure water supply for our stock over winter.
And while the rain has not returned in large amounts, it gives us hope that maybe, maybe soon, it will return again.  And if not, we can be confident that the Lord knows & always provides for our every need!

Have a wonderful day friends
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