Friday, July 24, 2015

You know that when it's quiet on the blog, it's busy on the farm.  This lambing season has been the busiest of all so far.  We have been blessed with currently 45 poddy lambs ( I never know when a delivery will occur).  We love our poddy lambs, but they sure are a lot of work and this has kept the children & myself hopping.  Feeding three times a day, giving medication & just generally keeping them in good health is a challenge.  We've got them separated into colour coded groups so we know who needs however much each feed. We use sheep marking paint & reapply it each morning.  Only four lambies are from our own paddocks, with the rest being from a friend's. We do love our poddy lambs though & are enjoying the additional challenge this year with enlarged numbers.

Dave told the children that if they can train a lamb to be milked, that when they deliver their first glass of milk to him, he will pay them $500.  Ellie has taken this very seriously & has a special lamb 'Star' who is fed by Ellie each feeding in the milking stall (it does look a little ridiculous as this is where we milk the cows, but hey...).  I asked if he'd pay me $500 for doing that too, but he refused (seems to think I have more stickability than the children do - I happen to think Ellie will keep to it with dreams of an enlarged bank account).

We are also checking our lambing ewes each day (Dave does the morning & I do the afternoon).  We have been blessed abundantly with a large crop of twins.  There was a little while where we had a run of problems. We've both had to pull some lambs this season (as opposed to last year where I didn't have to pull a single one). There have been good pulls & bad pulls & even bad, bad, bad, horrible, disgusting, never-want-to-think-about-again, but cannot-ever-forget pulls.  It's certainly a learning experience this living on a farm.  Overall though we realise how abundantly blessed we are with this life we have. 

But if it's a little quiet on here ( or anywhere I am on social media - ha, as if I'm on there very much anyway), then it's because I'm spending each day running (literally). 
And now I have a caramel slice to finish & then off to bed!

Blessings Friends

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