An Update

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Last week we finally got connected to the NBN via satellite.  I'm ridiculously excited as we have been testing the capacity of this new Internet connection since then.  So far we've been able to run three Youtube videos all at once on different devices.  Previously we couldn't even properly run one without having to wait for it to feed again & again & again!   What makes this so exciting, though, is that it has opened up so  many more options for homeschooling our big kids.  But what I'm dancing with joy over right now is that I've just tried uploading these photos & it only took me 5 minutes!!! 5 MINUTES...instead of the previous hours it would take.  Before this new connection I had to set the computer to upload just before I went to bed & then hope that the Internet hadn't glitched overnight & that they were uploaded in the morning.  Needless to say it was a chore & thus the reason this space has sat silent for far too long.  But now... well now if only I could find some extra time in my day, I can easily post! YAY!!

The past few months have flown, have been wonderful, have been difficult & have been memorable for so many reasons.  We are still working at melding our new children into our family.  This just takes time & persistence. I'll leave that for another post, but needless to say it is challenging, yet we are seeing immense progress!  

One major thing that occurred in June was that Dave hit a kangaroo with our white Vito & it was written off.  This meant we had to find some new wheels & fast.  We did hire a car for a while, but it was costing us a bucket-load of cash, so finally we just had to buy something.  We were blessed to find a Valante.  It is practically the same as what we had, only it is prettier inside (& silver).   The Valante is newer and this particular one has an extra seat. I was a little worried about getting a car that we already filled up (most of these cars are 8 seaters), but it was either these or a huge van. There just doesn't seem to be middle options in Australia.  So 9 seats it is & we'll purchase a trailer for long trips as 8 people use a lot of luggage - especially when one requires a port-a-cot and high chair.  The twins have to help wash it each week which is why they are industriously scrubbing away in the photo!

Lambing season has come & almost gone on the farm.  So far we only have 6 poddy lambs & we are thankful for that!  We simply would not be able to do the 50 we had last year with all the family changes this year.  6 lambs are easy & the children are more than capable of doing the majority of the work.  We've been abundantly blessed with a relatively easy lambing season in the paddocks, with only a few losses! We are so thankful for this.  

Cooking, gardening, mowing grass on the few days it hasn't rained this winter...these occur whenever we find a chance to do it (& the gardens desperately need care, so please don't think I have everything together at all)!  Homeschooling is going well, with Olympic fever filling the air of this old farmhouse!  Watching the Olympics is a great incentive for the scholars to work hard & fast. We've hooked up the TV antennae for these couple of weeks so we can watch the television programming of it :)

We've had a beautifully rainy winter & everything is overflowing with life!   I'm not sure what all this rain means for the farmers' crops, but I do know that everything is oh, so pretty right now with wattles 'popping' & green, green grass everywhere!

I intend to post a little more regularly, but will see if life gets in the way again!
Have a lovely day friends
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