Fete Day!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Can you believe my gorgous, handsome, sweet little boy wanted to have his face painted like this?
At least I had a little princess also! Today was fete day at school & it was the smallest fete I have ever seen!
Zai's class did self portraits & then the parent's had to buy their own child's one. ( a bit cheeky I thought!)
Ellie loved the jumping castle & she loves the marbles she got in a peska jar (well I've never even heard of peska jars before - still don't understand what they are for). Eli & Jud loved the Thomas the train ride ( which went around the streets of town - this sure wouldn't happen in the city) . They were giggling & clapping whenever the driver pressed the air horn . At least the kids came home with some painted faces & happy memories!

1 comment:

Grandma said...

Who is that very, very scary looking boy????? I hope he didn't scare you all too much!!! I think I would have hidden if I'd run into him!!!

Peska jar looks an awful lot like a Moccona Coffee Jar!

Lots of love to all (even to the scary looking one!!!!)

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