Seeds, glorious seeds!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Today the seed arrived for our first planting!!
3.8 tonnes of seed grain ( triticale prime 322 - for those who care / some weird grain that goes into feed mixes - for those who don't)!
The seed had to be run through this machine which sorts the good from any chaff & rubbish that was let through the header at harvest. Then a fungicide powder was added to protect it during storage & then up the auger ( no this one isn't ours ) into our silo!! - lots of big boys toys! The whole process only took an hour. Now we just need to wait for May to Mid-June for planting.

Here is the beautiful grain, straight from the truck!

We did a spot of silo climbing - no we didn't get to the top! (sorry about the bad lighting - the silo in the sun was being used)

Yes mum, I am looking after her!!


Grandma said...

Are you turning our little Neety into a farm gal??? Is she singing country songs yet??? Silo climbing looks like fun. Hey, how come you didn't climb up to the top???
Hope the seeds yield a hundred fold for you!!
Love & kisses to all

Renata said...

Yodelaieeeooo... no more of that boring opera - Nity can yodel with the best of em!

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