Farmer Dave!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Today, since Dave had it off, we decided to harrow up another paddock to get it ready for sowing at end of May to mid June, so off on old blue to give her a work out. Dave had previously harrowed the 40 acre back paddock, so it was over to the rookie (me) to take the first shift this time. ( sorry no photos). At lunch Dave took over & together we've almost got the paddock finished. (Unlike all the "big boy" farmers around ( 5000 acres plus) we don't have to work til the wee hours of the morning to get ours done.) I love the smell of freshly ploughed soil - especially with a bit of moisture in it - I HATE having to move dead sheep out of my way !
This is the view from the lane paddock ( the one we were working up). The clouds just looked so soft & fluffy today.

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Phil & Christine said...

This brings back memories for Mum and she says you look like her Dad. Trust you have finished and can enjoy the rest of the weekend. We are looking foward to seeing your farm.

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