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Saturday, January 31, 2009

This week Ellie started school. After backing & forthing about homeschooling or traditional schooling for her, we still couldn't decide. So last Saturday (yes, you read it correctly - last SATURDAY - nothing like last minute ) we finally decided to send her to school for a time & see how she copes - & so far she's done really well!!

Since she started school on Wednesday I've swayed from thinking it was definitely the right decision, to the completely wrong decision & back & forth - but time will tell! Anyway, Wednesday wasn't as bittersweet as I was expecting - you see Ellie was just so excited to be going - & this excitement was contagious! So on Wednesday my princess started "big school":

She had a lovely day & has a very experienced & lovely teacher. She came home saying "School was great"! - the next day she said "school is boring " (although apparently so did some other little girls in her class, so we're wondering if they got together & decided it!!) - but it's alright school had improved it's status on Friday (because they got to go to the library!!!!! - can you tell she's my daughter???!!!) On Thursday Zai started back to year one! (I cannot believe how quickly that last year went!)

It felt strange having just 2 children with me during the day - it was just so easy!! (although they did make almost the same amount of mess as 3!!)


Cassandra-ann said...

She looks like she loved it!

Mummy McTavish said...

She looks quite proud of herself! So glad she had a great time.

Peta G said...

Glad she liked it. Samuel told me yesterday he is going to learn to read on I think he might have his sights set abit high.

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Ellie,
I hope your having a great time at school!! You look so grown up and beautiful in your uniform. Your school bag looks like Aunty Nita's!!
Have fun,
Aunty Sel.

Grandma said...

How gorgeouos she looks!!! Both Zai & Elly look sooo grown up. Your new pink schoolbag looks really cool Elly!!!!! It's going to be so much fun learning to read & write this year...Glad you enjoyed library..3 of the aunties still love libraries (okay, so does Grandma too!!!!)
We all hope you have a great school year Zai & Elly (and Mummy and Daddy and Eli & Judah!!!!) Lots and lots of love from Grandma & Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps check your family email sometime. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandma said...

Hey Ellie,
Aunty Nity just loved your new school shoes - they reminded her of her ballroom dancing shoes...she has to wear laceups to school and thinks you are so lucky to have pretty school shoes..Lots of love & kisses Grandma xxxxxxxxx

Bobbie-Jo said...

She does look very pleased. :)

I hope that above all, you both have peace about this decision.

Does Zai like having a built-in school-mate?

Mum-me said...

She looks very happy! I hope she continues to enjoy kindergarten.

My Mousie starts Kindy tomorrow (Mon 2/2) and she just can't wait, but it's suppose to be 35*C!!!

Why do we always start the school in he hottest time of year? (When Dragon started Kindy it was 42*C.)

Saminda said...

She looks adorable in her uniform! Love the cuddly picture with Zai- reminds me of my 2!! Hope Elly continues to settle in. And expect the to-ing and fro-ing feeling to continue- it has for me! :(........

Sandra said...

Glad the children had a good week, if with it's ups and downs. Glad to hear Ellie likes the library.
As to your question about writing, no they haven't done any. He's written his name on things but I don't think anything more than that. Hope Ellie is managing and not too much pressure.

Heather said...

Look at how cute Ellie is! I hope her adjustment to school life is smooth and easy. Bee still waffles back and forth between "I love school!" and " I wish I didn't have to go to school."

I think the novelty has pretty much worn off :)

Kylie said...

Hi Ellie, you look so grown up in your uniform. Good to hear that you are loving big school.

Hi Zai, hope you are enjoying grade 1. Do you have a nice teacher?

Love you lots
Aunty Kylie

Deanna said...

She looks sooooo excited to be off to school!!! What a sweet little princess!!!

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