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Monday, November 2, 2009

I often wonder how I should start a blog post - should I address it as a letter? Usually I just choose a topic & write on it - often it's whatever I have taken pictures of. But I often don't write how I feel or what's truly on my heart - sometimes I think I should write a heartfelt letter to each of you so you truly get to know me, but then the very nature of a blog is an online journal & it really is just a way of letting the world have random glimpses into your life, not inviting them to know all. Well my life actually hasn't been very exciting lately, my hubby is busy in the middle of study for his uni exams, Zai started cricket on Saturday & we have some of our friend's lambs on our place, so now we have 45 sheep in total (almost full blown farmers - LOL - just joking) - I have finally finished my kitchen/ dining curtains & even did a small pair for the shelf above the fridge that my husband uses as a place to put his & Zai's model aeroplanes they are working on.
I wish you could really see how much cheerier my kitchen is now with just this little bit of work - can't wait until we can get it painted - It will be a lovely soft minty green!

Zai, Ellie & I have been enjoying occasionally watching the Duggar family's TV show '18 kids & counting' on YouTube. The other day we watched one of them rollerskating - this let my two to make their own "roller skates" - uh huh that would be blocks (on wheels - they were part of a train) sticky taped to their feet. Needless to say there is now no sticky tape left, but they had lots of fun!

I had to giggle as I remember my sisters & I "skating" around the lounge room carpet on books when we were about this age!

While I was hanging out the washing on Saturday a little butterfly was flitting from flower to flower nearby - I couldn't resist grabbing my camera & enjoying God's beautiful creation - oh & if you're wondering why it's looking so lush - this is the only patch of green in the yard - it's where my washing machine water runs so gets very well watered!

I had better go & check how Ellie is going with writing out the alphabet from memory (I have been checking periodically as I typed). She's almost finished the reading program, so I am reviewing & reviewing with her hoping she'll pass the final test (they must get 100% - they can take it as many times as they need to -of course I want her ready to get it first time!). Hope you are all well & enjoying this beautiful summer (too hot to call spring) weather (of course if you aren't in the southern hemisphere I hope it's a beautiful autumn day for you!).
Have fun & keep smiling!


the happy sparrow said...

hi there renata! I love this post...dear friend:) your curtains look really cheery, I love the red and white kitchen has lots of that in it...actually at the moment my kitchen table has a red and white gingham tablecloth that Sel made me for my birthday... i hope Ellie does really well on her test, thinking of you,
Love Martine

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Dear Renata,
I used to be an avid letter writer - of course I only wrote to people I already knew! Blogging is amazing as it gives you the opportunity to make new friends and meet 'kindred spirits' - those who share similar lifestyles and aspirations. Also a wonderful way to offer hope, encouragement and inspiration to others. And, yes it is also a family journal - have you printed any pages of your blog? I'm thinking of doing this - I sometimes think what would happen if blogger had a major meltdown and everyone lost their blogs. I should have started printing as I published posts, as it would use up a lot of ink or maybe I could save it to disc? It is not easy deciding just how much you reveal about yourself and your family to the world. I do love the little glimpses of family life in different places, being able to 'visit' homes and gardens, share recipes, books, craft ideas. I spoke to a friend yesterday who had never heard of blogging! I gave her a mini lesson on what it is all about! And it is so much more fun than Facebook! I actually joined Facebook just to track down some old friends - which I did but now I've experienced it - it seems very gossipy and trivial.
Now this comment has become way too big! Hope you are having a lovely week too!

Saminda said...

I too loved this post Renata! :) I agree, it would be lovely to have the time to write to each friend (real life and blog) personally. Sigh. But the glimpses into our lives are great too!
Your curtains are AMAZING!!! You should be very proud of yourself. I lack the skill to sew but often wish I could. Maybe one day I'll make time to learn!
It sounds like life has been busy for you, just as it has for me. I guess life remains ever-evolving for all of us Mamas. :)
Much love to you this week (and I would absolutely consider you guys full-blown farmers!),
Saminda. xo

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
Lovely post, so nice to see a butterfly...and the curtains, well done!!! I guess that means I had better get started on the tablecloth...glad that Martine is using hers, Granny is waiting for someone to visit her to get hers out..
Luv to you all,

Grandma said...

Such beautiful curtains, and even more beautiful kiddos - I remember you girls skating. Dad has been saving the roller blades for the littlies, but all the wheels have disintegrated, so I think I've talked him into getting rid of them! (Maybe they're already gone!!!) Saw one of your former workmates in Coles this arvo - Leanne - she said to say Hi to you. She sometimes reads your blog when her colleague Sandra does.
Hanging out washing is a great time to be reminded of our dear God's amazing creation.
Lots & lots of love to all - tell Dave all the best with the exams
Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sande said...

We too are thinking of taking shares out in a sticky tape company. We our lot working through the plethora they do, we would probably do well with them.

Sandra said...

Great job with the curtains, they look great!
All the best for Dave with his exams! You are all very clever and busy with all you do.
See, I keep people at work up-to-date for you. Thanks for letting us keep in touch.

Kath said...

Enjoyed once again your lovely blog!

Do you have roller skating rinks by you? We went skating every weekend when we were teens!! Fun times.
Our small town had a parent operated rink for years. They closed it so my youngst two didnt get to partake in all the fun like the older kids did!!!

Heather said...

Your curtains look so pretty and cheerful! You did a great job :)

When my brother and I were kids, we used to rollerskate in our basement. The pictures of Zai and Ellie brought those memories back, It was such fun!

BoufMom9 said...

I often wonder the same to start a post. Do I address the readers, or pretend it's just for me? LOL

LOVE your curtains. Very pretty :) It will be just lovely with soft green too.

LOL about the skates. My kids do things like that too :)

Leanne said...

I love getting letters in the mail!

I love writing letters too...I'm a sucker for pretty paper and neat pens!

I like your posts just the way they are!

Must get OFF of this computer!

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