Yesterday & Mum-me's giveaway!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What are these little cuties up to?

Celebrating Melbourne Cup of course!!

Since reading a true story about a jockey who rode in the Melbourne cup, there has been many questions about it. You can only imagine the excitement here when I told them that yesterday was "Cup Day" - yes the race that stops a nation definitely stopped all here at Sunnyside. Of course I don't like the betting side of things - it's sad that something so innocent as a horse race has been turned into such a big money marketing business. However when you remove all that you have something that is uniquely Australian - a race of the most beautiful horses from around the world & the best jockeys we have to offer! It was so nice to see an Aussie win!

Eli was especially proud of the big white "aeroplane" on his hat (yeah - you do need to use your imagination)! Do you think he takes after his father or what with his aeroplane infatuation??!!??

In the evening we went outside to enjoy the beauty of the rainbow after the rain we had, but as we turned to the west we were greeted with this...It was so bright it reminded us of a bushfire, but it was just the sun going down behind Churchill Forest!

What a lovely glimpse of God's beauty!

Now let me point you over to Mum-me's blog - Our Aussie Half Dozen who is having a giveaway of a buysterrugs rug. I checked out their website & let me tell you there are some lovely ones (I sure have many places in this house I could use one! (pick me, pick me!!LOL)! It is only open to Aussie's though, so if you live in this beautiful country head on over & enter & while there enjoy her entertaining family & beautiful pictures - she has a lovely blog!!!


aunty sel said...

oh, they are so cute!! I think I might give you a call!!

BoufMom9 said...

LOVE their adorable hats! They all look so darn cute!

Beautiful rainbow too!

Sandra said...

Wonderfully made hats! They look like they had fun.
Tina made Monica a hat out of gel bottles. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out.

Saminda said...

You're such a great Mummy!! :) Looks like it would have been HEAPS of fun! You are blessed to have had rain, I am really happy for you guys. Just wish we could have some up here now. :( We haven't had any 'real' rain since June!!

Kath said...

I bet the kids had fun making their hats! What lovely pics.

I hope YOU win the prize at Mum-me's!!!!

Heather said...

They're so cute! Eli has changed so much - he's looking so grown up.

Beautiful pictures, as always.

Mummy McTavish said...

Beautiful hats. Praising God for your rain! It's spitting here at the moment, I'd send it down to you if I could, we'll be getting plenty over summer so I could happily share.

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