The year that was 2010!

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's sure hard to believe that today is the last day of 2010.  In some respects it feels like it's only just begun, but the calender doesn't lie & the growth of our children tell the truth that another year has indeed flown by.

 A few things I haven't shared with you about 2010 - it was:

*   The year of no preservatives or fake colours - we chose to eliminate this from our everyday diet (this was one of my new years resolutions).  Instead of flavoured mineral water for weekend treats we now drink homemade lemon or lime cordial with soda water.  Instead of store bought snacks we choose to bake our own.  Instead of chocolate syrup laced with preservatives, we chose to make our own. In making these and many other choices our diet has become much healthier.

* The  year of no caffeine (well except the occasional iced coffee at the shops) for Renata - the week before I turned 30 (way back in 2009) I decided to give up my daily iced coffee. It wasn't fun the first week as in typical Renata fashion I went off it cold turkey . (I didn't share it with you as I was worried it would only be a passing phase.) I've since been so pleased with how my body reacts without caffeine that I only drink it on occasion when I can have a truly nice frappacchino!

*  The year of homemade sourdough bread.  We began a sourdough starter as an experiment in September  & have since been enjoying sourdough bread daily.  I worked out how to make it in my bread maker & we now wake up to a fresh loaf each morning! 

*   The year of the new kitchen - in July we purchased a slightly used kitchen on eBay that was in a wonderful condition. (Remember: buy used, save the difference)  It was stored in our spare room for 5 months & on boxing day we began the big change over - we are now living in a state of shambles as we currently have no kitchen & everything is stored in the lounge room - I'll share photos of our progress soon. (Hopefully it will be in by the end of this long weekend)

*    The year of Cemonline.  Early in term one we changed the children's home schooling curriculum from ACE to Cemonline  - a new online curriculum that is being written by the teachers at Australian Christian College. This is a wonderful tool for home schooling families who like us aren't exactly sure how to tailor their curriculum to the NSW syllabus.  We have found this wonderful & though at times I've gone through doubts about whether this was the right decision, we've persisted & come to love it!  We are proud to be one of the first families to use this wonderful resource - we encourage anyone considering it to give it a go!

*   The disaster year with the dog - our darling Snowy who was such a wonderful member of our family (sigh) decided  mid year to chase our neighbors' sheep that were at that point adjisted on our paddock.  Since he didn't get any (except a lamb who he ran over the top of) we chose to keep him & tie him up most of the time (we would take him for daily walks & let him off whenever we were outside).  Two weeks before Christmas Dave let him off & he disappeared down to a paddock - Dave found him on top of a sheep - we had to get rid of him - We're all still sad about this.

*   The year of the baby chicks - this year we had 3 hens that went broody & they have hatched 7 chick in total (not the best success rate, but we had one nest that didn't hatch any - that mother just adopted 2 from another mother). We just love our baby chicks & enjoy spending time down there just watching them - they are just so cute!

*  The year we chose no TV - it all began  at the start of the year when we decided to have TV only during the weekends.  In early December Dave decided to give  NO TV or computer games at all for the whole family a try for  fortnight.  This has gone so well that we've continued it - trust me we haven't missed it either! As we rearrange our home, we are removing 'the box' from the lounge room & will put it somewhere in the school room where we can watch educational videos if required.

*   The year of the ... oh I wish I could tell you, but I'm going to wait to see if one of the most exciting things that we've done this year is going to work! (plus I really truly need Dave's permission to share this one!) 

* As we reflect back over the past year, probably the best decision we've made has been to have a family devotions each evening.  Although we've always read to the children from bible stories each evening & prayed with them, we have taken it a step further & now we all join together (previously we would do the children in 2 separate groups).  We pull out our bibles & we read around the room (with the twins saying the words for their verse after one of us reads it for them), we then discuss what we've read & then pray.  It has been wonderful & so beneficial for our family's walk with the Lord.  I am so thankful that Dave has decided to lead us in this.

So where will 2011 lead us? 
 I have no idea.  It's all in the Lord's hands - & that's the best place for it to be!

Wishing you & your family a very Happy New Year


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE your 2010 changes! What a difference those things make. Although we still have some preservatives and we do have very limited tv- it is very beneficial to make sure to overindulge.

We love doing morning worship and devotions as well :) Great for family Bible discussions!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh yeah- can't wait to hear your announcement!!!!!!!!!

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Dear Renata,
Sounds like you had a very blessed 2010. I have enjoyed your blog so much in the past few months since I found it, your family is lovely! I am praying for you and your husband that "exciting things" work out for you!!! You've been brought to my mind several times in the past week actually, so I keep praying.

Christy said...

Wow!!! What a lot you've accomplished Renata!! And such a wonderful Mum and role model for your beautiful family. We've made lots of changes in the kitchen too and look forward to some more in 2011! Praying the kitchen renos go really well
love and hugs and best wishes for 2011. C xoxo

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh What agreat year of Achieving!!!
And News,News that Hubby must Ok??? Hmmmm? Well ,well am I mabey guessing alittle too much?
Can't wait to hear the news...:)

Mum-me said...

Thanks for sharing all these things from 2010, and your lovely photos too.

May God richly bless you and your faily throughout 2011.

Jan said...

What a wonderful post, and beautiful to read about your dedication and commitment.
A very Blessed New Year to you and all your family.
Hugs, Jan

Smilie girl said...

What a great year! I wish I could say I had made all of those changes for the better. I'm very proud of you and your family. Wishing you a wonderful 2011!

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
It's hard to believe 2010 is over, it seems to have only just started!!
Your baby chickens are sooooo cute!! Thanks for the photo.
Looking forward to seeing you Thursday, don't forget to pick me up!!

Grandma said...

What a gorgeous picture of a bunch of gorgeous people!!! Give all my darlings a big hug for the new year...Be assured of one thing, as we move into the New Year, our Lord gives us all we need to those things He's called us to.

Lots and lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

debi9kids said...

What a beautiful and blessed year Renata! I would LOVE to give up TV for good....
Can not wait to hear what your other surprise is.....

Grandma said...

Hello again Narn, I just had a bit of a chuckle as I thought about a certain gal who grew up in a family that only had soft drink on birthdays, no cordial, wholemeal bread, healthy school lunches -( yuk, fruit, no chips like everybody else!!!), very few processed foods,no lollies - except maybe birthdays....mmmm......who might that gal have been???? Who didn't even get to taste ice-cream until several years old...but was introduced to it by a grandfather....I wonder???????? Didn't she get a good start in life?????haha - and horror of horrors, she grew up without a TV???????? Looks like the wheel has turned full circle!!!!
Lots and lots and lots of love to you all
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps Can't believe how slack we've gotten here in the last few years, but things are changing again!!!

Corina said...

Hi Luvli,
Can you please send me an email cause I'm not 100% sure that I do have the correct 1!!!!!



I'M GOING ON A HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

Preciousness! Beautiful family.....wish I had little ones again......that got to stay at my HOME......grandbabies come and go to their HOMES......good thing.......but I did love my time in raising my children and it seemed to go so fast!

Hugs sweet friend, Linda

Cassandra-ann said...

oh Renata how i LOVED this post. I hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year and i hope that 2011 brings you a very special blessing:-)
I was so sorry to read about your dog :-(
but so happy to read about all the wonderful things 2010 was for you.
I am hoping to start devotions this year and it very encouraging to me to read how you do it so thank you for sharing that :-)
oh and i am off to check out cemonline, i have been praying about a curriculum change for my eldest 2 boys so thank you mentioning it:-)

i hope this finds you well...
Cassandra xx

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Hi Renata!!
What a great post, girlie! :) I feel so privileged all the way across the pond to know your secret! ;D But you know mine, too, so.. haa!
I heard on the news this morning that there is severe flooding in Australia, so I wanted to come over here and check on you, friend. Hope you and your beautiful family are well. <3

Jenn said...

What a great review of your past year! Some wonderful things indeed!

Kath said...

You had many successes in 2010! Other than Snowy. :( (He must of held quite a grudge for being put on the chain!)
Am excited to see your completed kitchen!!
And hear the news you werent able to share yet!!
Hope you have many more blessings in 2011.

Carissa said...

Hi Renata,
Happy New Year To You!

Love this post~Actually made me teary eyed :-) I just love to see family life like this. I'm so sorry about your dog, so sorry! I love the choices you have made, very inspiring. Can't wait to hear about your new announcement!?!?!?!? I'll be praying for you!

Love Carissa

mammajoy said...

Such a wonderful and inspiring list of accomplishments! 2010 was the year we ditched our TV as well - the antenna broke and we just didn't get a chance to fix it and soon after we realised we weren't missing it :-) I'm loving the peace and quiet!

Kimmie said...

;-) What a fun way to share more of your life with us.

I am so thankful for your friendship. I love you Renata...happy 2011 my friend.

mamat o 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

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