Southern Queensland floods

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Firstly, thank you for the emails & comment asking how we are with the flood that's devastating parts of Australia - we are fine, we are not in the flood affected area, but thank you for your concern (sorry I haven't returned all emails - our Internet has been limited over the last couple of weeks as we rearranged rooms).
As I look at the devastation caused by the floods I cannot imagine how it is for those people who are in the wake of it all.
Cars lie on top of one another in a carpark next to Queens Park (User submitted: Sukhwinder Singh)
image source: here
As I look at the footage I am numb - streets that I walked down turned into rivers, areas that we have visited time & again  (as we lived in SE Qld for 20 years before we moved to Sunnyside) devastated - Gympie under water; Toowoomba destroyed by an inland tsunami (8 dead, 72 missing - current count); the Lockyer Valley flooded beyond recognition; Maryborough, Bundaberg, Dalby - the list seems endless - even Brisbane suburbs inundated with water causing people to be housebound.  

To all our family & friends in those areas please know we are thinking & praying for you all & will continue to.
Please let us know how you are going.
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In prayer
The Sunnyside Family 


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I have been watching the news this morning - it is devastating. We are used to rain in this region and have seen many a flood but never seen anything like those pictures out of Toowoomba. I had plans to go into town today but it is likely our road is cut off. There was a moderate flood warning for the river issued and apparently the town is cut in two so the bridge must be closed. It is just a minor inconvenience. We also live on a hill and are not affected when the valley floods. I cannot imagine what it must be like for families in those places who have lost loved ones.
Praying - my son knows of people affected as he has friends in that area.

Frizzy and Bird said...

I am ashamed to admit this but I had no idea this was going on. My heart goes out to all those effected by the floods. Water can be so beautiful and peaceful at times but it can also be a terrifying force to be reconned with. Sending you and your countrymen prayers.

Christy said...

it's terrible Renata....I've been on the phone to my family in qld too. looks like my sister- and brother-inlaw will be evacuated and maybe Kieren's parents too. so scary. it feels awful being so far away and not being able to help. Praying your family are all ok too. xoxo

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW- never watch the news so I didn't even know. My hubby said he had seen something about it (sometimes he watches BBC on the internet- he he he...that is what you get when you marry someone from England).

PRAYING for those people....scary reminds me of the Katrina & Rita hurricanes. :(

Glad you are all ok.

Ruby said...

Devastating. Tragic.
I'm in Rocky so we are flood bound but okay where we are. This recent catatrophy in the south east is just unbelievable. The loss of life so sad. We look to the Lord to give comfort and strength at this time.

Tan said...

Thanks for your call earlier. Sorry I couldn't talk long. We are so blessed to be on a hill and safe. We stocked our cupboards yesterday so being locked in isn't a problem. Just can't believe the devastation so many have experienced. Our prayers and tears are with them. Love you all.
Tan xxx

Leanne said...

I was stunned and in disbelief to read about the floods....

My immediate thought was for you and your family and I knew I needed to come check on you.

Sooooo glad you are all okay, and your home and land are safe!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

I love all of your new posts! I always love checking in with you!

I loooove the picture of you and your kids on your 2010 post. You guys all look so happy, and you look like a beaming teen!!

Renata, I want to thank you for your faithfulness in praying for me and Pennie. I don't have much time left until both babies are born, and I desperately find myself praying for courage and bravery to get through labor/delivery. Knowing you're praying is a bit of a hopeful spot for me.....

I adore you.

God bless you more and more each day!!

Saminda said...

It's all so amazing isn't it? I was glued to the news this morning but turned it off as I didn't want the children to see the tragic images. So glad you guys are all okay. I feel very blessed to live up high... and so helpless to all those in the affected parts. All we can do is sit and wait. And pray. xx

16 blessings'mom said...

Renata, glad you are all right. What a mess all this flooding is!


Grandma said...

Hi Renata, thanks for all your calls. It was good to see the comment above from Tan - so glad she and her family are fine.
It must be so hard for those flooded. Our yard is like a quagmire, and we're well and truly up high. Aunty E said they're looking at another flood peak in Bundaberg and there are food shortages there - nothing can get in from any direction - Gympie's cut, Rockhampton's cut and everywhere around them.
It would be good to hear our 'beloved' Premier and Prime Minister both call on the Lord. This is the first time in Australia when there's been such terrible catastrophes and Leaders have not mentioned God once. It truly saddens me. We can only pray that many, many people might consider Him as they realize that those things they trust in can disappear in a moment.
Love to all our beloved Sunnysiders! Mum xxxxxxx

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
How are you? How are all the little ones?
Thank-you for having me for a visit, it was wonderful to spend time with you all.

The floods here are getting worse, they expect them to peak at 4am tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Already there is a massive area of Brisbane and Ipswich under water. The floods around my work area have gone down today, but a lot of staff can't get to the hospital. The other hospital's in Brisbane are now seriously affected too, with so many staff members affected, and either having to stay with their families or unable to get to work. I had to organise for supplies to be helicoptered to another hospital today. So much damage, so many houses lost, so many businesses destroyed, and more is yet to come. The Wivenhoe dam is at 190% and they have to let water out or it will burst.

I spoke to ej earlier, her shopping centre is out of food, both coles and woolworths only have lollies and chips left. She has enough herself for a while.
But they can't get supplies to her town as it is cut off. So are lots of other towns and some of them are now out of drinking water, they don't have enough for tonight even.

We are all safe where we are, and our pantry has a lot of food in it. Thank-you for your prayers. As mum said, it is a pity our leaders don't turn to God at this time.
Much luv to you all,

Jenn said...

WOW! We are without TV and I don't turn the radio on much so I did not realize this was happening. So glad you are safe and I will be praying for those who are in the flood areas.

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

SO glad to see that you all are safe, friend!! I will continue to pray for those affected. So very sad. :(

Kath said...

As I dont watch the news at all, I was unaware of such sadness and devastation!!!

Prayer and hugs!!!

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