Lazy, hazy, days of summer

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our summer holidays sure are flying by - I've been wondering where they've been going so fast!  Certainly not in getting through my list of projects I had planned.  It seems every day is still full of  general work, play & fun together.   The days are getting hotter after a very cool start to summer - which leads me to excuse myself from gardening even though my gardens are terribly over run with the usual assortment of summer weeds. The evenings are absolutely perfect & we find ourselves staying up too late doing various projects enjoying the cooler temperatures after the fiery hot days. With the sun not setting until after 9pm and so many renovations/ room rearranges on the go, it's hard not to stay up past our normal bed time - in fact itś even a struggle to get the children to sleep on time with daylight still streaming past their curtains.
All in all though we are enjoying this slower pace of holidays.  I am working on our new schedule for the year; working on moving the toys from the garage into the old study; working on the childrens' chore packs for the year; planning our upcoming camping trip ( have I told you that it has been years since we've even been camping & we really have only been a couple  of times in our marriage - it may be interesting); anticipating a visit at the end of this month from Dave's sister & her family &  later in Feb one of my baby sisters is visiting Sunnyside & of course mentally planning the new year of school!

Yesterday we went to the city for our monthly shopping trip.  I both love & hate these days.  I love the change that the hustle & bustle of the city brings, I love looking at things to buy & considering what is the best buy, I love filling up the car with groceries for the month, I (gulp - because I don't want to believe it's true) think I love shopping, but I really do hate spending money.  Every time I pay for something I have the tally of spendatures in my head, what I have spent already, what expenses are coming up & how much I have mentally budgeted for this shopping day.  I'm one of these people that could never be careless with spending because my brain is forever running the numbers - I feel sick whenever I spend a large amount - even if itś only on groceries (Does anyone else have this problem?)!   Yesterday was a big day.  I purchased some much needed camping equipment (thankfully we had vouchers from Christmas to use).  I also bought our back to school items - we are just waiting on our big box of textbooks (I love the anticipation this box brings - fresh new blank books already for a year of learning together).  I went to Bunnings & bought home various tile & paint samples as the kitchen is up to that point now (This has undoubtedly been our biggest project of the summer)!  And of course a months worth of groceries (except for some cold items that we have to buy from Woolies more regularly).   I'm sure I heard the van groaning under all the weight, but she managed to bring us all home with a smile on our faces - singing along to the West Ladies CD that I received for Christmas! 

I've been around the blog sphere very little lately due to the fact that our main computer has died & my evenings are otherwise occupied.  The computer was working the other evening & we went to turn it on in the morning & 'poof'  it wasn't working any longer - no sign of life at all.  We tried the power cord, but that was working fine, so itś off at the computer Dr's now (hopefully getting fixed).  In the meantime I am on my teeny, tiny laptop that is slower & much more awkward to use than the full size computer.  I am slowly getting around to blog reading,  but if I haven't visited in a while, please forgive me as I just get annoyed with this minuscule thing (yes, showing  my age I know - I'm sure if I  were 15 years younger I would love this little thingy)!
Meanwhile we are enjoying these lazy days of summer - Although Sunnyside Farm Fun is on blog holiday until the computer is fixed, we will still be here & still be having fun & working this little piece of earth God has blessed us with! 
Have a wonderful day/ week/ month (who knows how long until this silly computer is fixed - hopefully only days)

PS Since I can't put new photos on here, I've added some from previous posts that I can access!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Sounds like you have had a busy new year Renata. We thought our computer had died after a lightening storm and then when we unplugged a new usb panel it started working again! Phew - I much prefer our $150 garage sale desktop to my daughter's flash little laptop which she types on at breakneck speed but I couldn't get the hang of! Hey, I received the Homestead Blessings DVD set for Christmas - all 11 discs, thanks to a 35% off voucher with Franklin Springs which coincided with the Aussie dollar going over the American dollar. How good was that! I'm in the midst of planning our trip to NZ - my head is abuzz with all the details - what to pack/not to pack. I know exactly what you mean about the shopping trips too. We didn't shop this week and I'm going to see if we can use up everything in the fridge by the time we leave!
Lovely to hear from you, enjoy the rest of your holiday and happy camping - I try to like camping but I'm with Diana Waring who said in her homeschool book that her idea of roughing it was when the motel didn't have a pool! I've never forgotten that quote!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Lovely to hear from you Renata. I can't get my head around you having this weather right now! The photos are simply stunning - definitely worth re-posting.
We're remembering your fellow-Aussies at this time who are having real trials with the floods. Our hearts go out to them :(
I can sympathise with the love it/hate it of your shopping day. If we ever go to the mainland for (not groceries) other shopping, I love it for about the first half-hour and then it gets on my nerves! Maybe it's my age too!
Love, Anne x

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I too cringe every time I stock up at Sam's Club knowing I still have a long list of small items to get at the grocery store!!
Thanks for the "warm" wishes....we need it here. Been frigid cold for so long.
Enjoy the remaining summer holidays and especially the camping trip!!!
Cant wait to see the new kitchen!!

Heather said...

Such gorgeous pictures, as always! I always forget that it's summer where you are, because it's so unbelievably cold and snowy here. I'm longing for warm days again...but not all the yard work that comes with them.

Ana Degenaar said...

What a beautiful post!
We've been having so much rain around here it is awful. I have never experienced a rainy season like this. I hope you and your family are doing well!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I think you just described me!!!!
I hate spending and get Paplpitations when it is BIG money....Which as we are buying our Old Business back and My Hubbys very old car that was totally wonderfula nd completely reliant apon died we will be shelling out Big time! Right when Bub is due....Why does it have to happen now???
Holidays are a time though to enjoy the lack of routine and have fun,work and play alittle more

Grandma said...

Hello Narn, hope your computer is up and running - we've become sooooo dependent on them - how did we ever get on before we had them....what did we do to pass the time???????? (ok some cynical folk may say 'waste' the time)....Love the pictures. Thinking about your camping trip - did you like the camping light??? Will tray and call you this week - I'm not sure where last week got to - but I did work for 4 days and took Granny to the podiatrist on one of them. Yesterday, was spent mowing, washing, transporting our lil miss harp lady (and her harp), and attending a wonder I was exhausted!!
Anyway, give all the darlings a huge hug and kiss and hi to Dave - love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs. Q said...

Those are really pretty pictures, Renata!

Jenn said...

Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! I feel the same way too about shopping. Makes me feel horrible when the bill comes up bigger than I wanted or anticipated. Even though I have calculated it the whole time.

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Dear Renata, I enjoy your blog so much! You always present things so honestly and your pictures are really stunning! Your love for the Lord really shines through! Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer with your family so much. The weather is looking a bit less cold and snowy here and the sun is supposed to be out for the weekend! Yeah!!! So for now I am enjoying your summer vicariously!

Smilie girl said...

Beautiful sunset pictures!
Summer seems to go so fast, and there is always so much to think and plan through. Wishing you a wonderful year.

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