These fleeting moments ~ Day Five & Six

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 5 ( a little late I know)  
My chief morning helper.  Sometimes being so short does inhibit my activities & I find that I can't strain the milk by myself, so my happy, early morning bird helps me by holding the multiple contraptions to ensure a quality I am happy to serve my precious family!  I am so thankful for this time to work with him & I appreciate how reliable he is in helping me with this & the many other jobs I give him daily!

Sorry about the bad lighting ~ my camera really is not working properly!


Day 6
Right this second...
I sit here & check my emails & listen as my ten year old sings his tunes ~ a daily occurrence.  This one is much like his mother & grandfather who always has a song....

A song he's made up, a tune composed just for this moment.  Usually they are forgotten, but this one too precious not to remember....

You'll feel so free...

You'll feel so free with Jesus Christ
For He's taken the chains away
So you'll feel so free with Jesus Christ!

He sings wholeheartedly as he plays his games, adding a 'country' twinge to the tune as only a true country boy can ;)  .   I know it won't be long before that voice begins to creak & break, but for now I'm enjoying the clearness of his childish song ~ this moment fleeting I know, but enjoyed & recorded here!  
May His heart forever carry the truth of these words & know the freedom of life that only Jesus can give!!


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